Chiropractic Testimonials

"On multiple occasions Dr. Kristin has gone the extra mile giving me the best chiropractic care anyone could ask for. She has also done an outstanding job with my infant son. When he gets to be a bear, ornery and fussy Dr. Kristin is typically the answer. After his visits he's just a happy smiley baby. I definitely recommend Restore Family Chiropractic!"

- Clayton R.

"My husband and I started seeing Dr. Kristin a couple years ago, and she even adjusted our son when he was just two days old. There have been times where she was able to squeeze us in and get us back on our feet when we hurt our back/neck. She not only helps you get back on your feet but she teaches you about why it could be happening and how to prevent it from happening. We all love being adjusted by kristin, she truly improves your quality of life."

- Laykin R.

"Since seeing Dr. Kristin, I have been feeling much better. I have a number of health problems that she helps me through each week. She cares about her patients and takes everything in consideration when adjusting you. Highly recommend her services."

- Deb N.

"Kristin is so wonderful! Love going to get adjusted and helped me with someone no one else was able to! Other than adjustments Kristin is such an amazing person! Would recommend her every time!"

- Erin L.

"Five stars! I’m so thankful to have found a chiropractor that I actually trust! Dr. Kristin is so knowledgeable, respectful, and caring. If you are like me and going to a chiropractor makes you anxious, give her a try. You’ll be glad you did!"

- Hannah D.

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